5G technology: bringing the future of connectivity to the mid-tier
September 8, 2020

Looking back at the first half of this year, one thing is very clear: there is a distinct change in the way we work, the way we live and even more so in consumer buying behavior. While we all obviously had to adapt to a new way of doing business and interacting with colleagues, another major trend we’ve seen in this new normal is a shift in consumer priorities.

Increased streaming, online shopping and less in-person socializing have led to consumers’ growing need of having a reliable and quick way to virtually communicate on both a personal and professional level. And this change in the way consumers are working, socializing and even consuming products and services has forced us as technology providers to rethink how we can solve one of the biggest consumer pain points of today: staying connected. 

Fortunately, we and the technology industry have already been diligently working to bring the next generation of connectivity into consumer’s hands for years. In 2019, we launched the first commercially available 5G device with the 5G moto mod - and since then we’ve launched several more 5G capable devices. 

At Motorola, we’re committed to bringing the power of 5G into more consumers’ hands and believe that we can play a large role in the adoption of 5G capable solutions in the remainder of 2020. And while there’s no question that 5G is expanding worldwide, permeating new segments and industries, access to 5G solutions has been limited to select regions and consumer segments with a major obstacle being price point. 

Part of our mission at Motorola is to democratize mobile technology, bringing top tier features down to more accessible price points. This is why, back in 2013, we created the mid-tier segment to revolutionize the mobile industry. We have a passion for using communications technology to bring individuals closer to the rest of the world, no matter their budget. 

To demonstrate our commitment to the mid-tier segment, we launched the new moto g 5G plus in June - a perfect example of how we intend to bring the power of 5G to more people's hands. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765, the device brings more accessible and advanced 5G connectivity to billions of smartphone users around the world at a price point more consumers can enjoy -  under €400. 

This marks a huge milestone for the industry and Motorola - and we’re not stopping here. In North America, 5G connectivity started with moto z4 and 5G moto mod, and again with the edge family which we launched this past April. To continue this mission, we recently launched the motorola one 5G in North America as well - a sub-$500 5G capable device. 

Looking to the remainder of 2020, we will continue to listen to consumers’ changing needs and are confident that we can bring products to the market that will equip them with the right tools to face tomorrow’s challenges head-on. Until then, we look forward to seeing the opportunities that will come from bringing the power of 5G to more consumers.

 Francois LaFlamme

CMO, MBG Worldwide

General Manager, MBG Europe

Written by Motorola

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