an important step in our growth strategy
April 22, 2020

From delivering the world´s first commercially available 5G smartphone to the launch of the new razr this past November, our strategy continues to focus on leading with innovation and delivering what matters most to our consumers. And while we have recognizable milestones from the past - what´s even more important is what´s happening right now at Motorola. With successful product launches, industry-wide milestones, and strong financial performance, the last year demonstrates an important turning point for the brand and the business - and now is this time to grow our business even further. We´ve proven ourselves as one of the leaders in the mid-tier space and are well-positioned to be a strong contender in a new space and the changing smartphone market.

Today, we introduced to the world our newest flagship devices - the motorola edge and motorola edge+. This space is challenging and competitive, and we wanted to be strategic and thoughtful with our approach. We knew any flagship device we created would have to turn heads and give consumers a true reason to look at a new device, be built from the ground up to be a 5G powerhouse, and be completely in lockstep with consumer insights, nailing every important feature with outstanding user experiences (like the all-new My UX collection of software features that allows users to customize their experience to be even more intuitive and personal). With this new family of devices we are introducing today, we believe weve done just that. In parallel, we´re also entering a new space with our brand and have reimagined our visual identity. Just like our products, our new brand is edgier and bolder - a reflection of our commitment to delivering meaningful innovation and challenging the status quo.  This marks a pivotal point in time for us as a company, and we´re incredibly excited to reach more consumers with this launch. 


Francois LaFlamme                                                                                                                  

VP, Global Marketing

Written by Motorola

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