Find your edge and unleash game-changing performance with motorola edge+
February 24, 2022

The most incredible motorola edge ever is joining our premium smartphone family:  motorola edge+ (North America) / motorola edge 30 pro. With an industry-leading mobile platform, a super advanced camera system and an incredible display with over a billion shades of colors – the new edge device redefines the game, so you can elevate yours. Motorola became the first smartphone maker to launch a device based on the ultra powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1, and today we’re bringing that device to even more consumers. 

unleashing game changing performance
The new Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform is Qualcomm Technologies’ most advanced mobile platform, and fuels cutting-edge 5G connectivity, AI, gaming, camera, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technologies.

Enjoy the full suite of Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features. Harness the power of ultra-smooth responsiveness, color-rich HDR scenes for ultra-realistic graphics, and desktop-level features. Compared to the previous generation, the new platform offers 30% more power and 25% more efficiency with the Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU, which was rearchitected for a new generation of gameplay. Mobile-first features VRS Pro and Volumetric Rendering deliver breathtaking scenes and lifelike particle effects.

Powered by the Snapdragon X65 Modem RF-System, the new edge device can connect to 5G networks³ with blazing-fast speeds, whether it’s sharing content with your friends or downloading your favorite shows in seconds, with the upcoming Release 16 improvements for 5G, users will get a better experience unlocking the true promise of this next-generation network. And to make the most of the new Wifi 6 GHz spectrum, the device connects at even faster Gigabit speeds using Wi-Fi 6. 

You can feel the power with up to 4x faster performance in your favorite apps, bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to everything from photography to gaming and connectivity. You get all of this, while optimizing app performance, improving battery life, and boosting efficiency. And with a new low power architecture, you can save even more battery life.

We know that battery life is a top priority, this is why our new edge device comes with a 4800mAh battery,  so you will be able to stay connected at 5G speeds without slowing down. It also comes with Turbo Power technology that gives you hours of battery in minutes¹ and also supports 15W TurboPower wireless charging, so you can recharge without the hassle of wires getting in the way. Plus, for added convenience, the new edge can even share power with other devices with wireless power sharing.

triple high-res camera for an amazing experience Over the last year we’ve seen our consumers use their smartphone cameras in incredible ways to capture all of life’s moments. That creative spark has inspired us to bring our most advanced camera system ever to the new edge. From improvements to the focusing and stabilization hardware in the main camera, significantly reducing noise and enhancing night vision for the front camera, the new edge has camera hardware and software fully equipped to help you consistently capture stunning photos and videos.

Capture every incredible detail with two 50 MP cameras, from ultra-wide angle shots to extreme close-ups. The 50 MP high-res camera is just the start. Shoot with 32x more focusing pixels using instant all-pixel focus, and get faster, more accurate performance in any light. And eliminate unwanted shakes with OIS, so your photos are always crystal clear. Whether in bright daylight, or changing light conditions, the edge lets in tons more light by combining every four pixels into one massive pixel for the best possible photo. 

Record breathtaking videos that meet strict HDR10+ standards for color accuracy, color range, brightness, and contrast so your videos shine with over a billion shades of color. And share your quality content on YouTube and other apps that support HDR10+. With 8K resolution you get over 26 million pixels of resolution, the highest video resolution possible on a smartphone today.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when you’re fitting 4x more into the frame. The new edge addresses the two biggest pain points of ultra-wide cameras, detail and low light performance. Now capture 50MP ultra-wide photos with amazing high-res detail in daylight. And by combining multiple pixels into one large pixel – the ultra-wide sensor boosts brightness and sharpness in low light. For extreme close-ups, there’s built-in Macro Vision, bringing you 4x closer to your subject than a standard lens—as close as 2.5 cm away. 

The 60MP selfie camera allows you to take stunning, ultra high-resolution selfies. Quad Pixel technology combines every four pixels into one for 4x better low-light sensitivity and brilliant results.

over a billion shades of colors: ultra smooth display and next-level sound qualityWatch your favorite shows and movies come to life in vibrant colors offset by deep black on a 6.7" Max Vision OLED display. Enjoy a sharper picture with less pixelation with full HD resolution, specifically selected to optimize the viewing experience, and battery life. View with over a billion shades of true-to-life color with improved brightness and contrast. And all of this without any lag thanks to the unbelievably smooth 144 Hz refresh rate.

We’ve also packed in an amazing audio experience, with Dolby Atmos your favorite entertainment will sound more lifelike with richer, spatial, and more natural sound. Our latest edge device includes two large stereo speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music, movies, shows and games with improved bass, cleaner vocals, and even more clarity at higher volumes.

Also with Snapdragon Sound™ technology, the newest motorola edge device also delivers the advanced wireless audio quality. This technology is a complete game changer for wireless audio, eliminating the gap in audio quality between wireless and wired connections. This means high-resolution music, crystal-clear video calls, and perfectly synced entertainment all via Bluetooth headsets.

innovative software experiencesThe latest addition to the motorola edge family has power just waiting to be unleashed.  That’s why there’s Ready For6, which amplifies everything your phone is capable of, being ideal for today’s hybrid world. The Ready For is reimagined with a fresh new look throughout the platform, you can simply connect wired or wirelessly and you’re ready to go. Move your phone’s games to the big screen for a huge boost of adrenaline. Feel like you’re right in the room during video calls. And use your apps on a desktop display, giving you more space to work and play. 

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some updates to Ready For PC. The new assistant works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, and we’ve made it easier than ever for you to connect and select your experience. From having access to two operating systems on one screen to transferring files between connected devices, you can take multitasking to the next level.

We are always exploring ways to deliver better software experiences to our consumers, and the new motorola edge device is ideal for Android lovers, thanks to Motorola’s ongoing commitment to providing the most pure version of the Android Operating System. The device runs a clean version of Android 12 with no clunky software skins or duplicate apps. And with My UX, your phone works the way you want. Control it with simple gestures, customize your entertainment settings, and create a look that’s one in a million. The new My UX is all you.

In addition to that, we continue our commitment to inclusion and smarter technology for all with new support for indigenous endangered languages. With this new motorola edge we are announcing the arrival of the Cherokee language to join the Amazonian (Nheengatu) and southern Brazilian (Kaingang) languages into our user interface.

Motorola is also the first to support Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform, when tethered to the Lenovo A3 ThinkReality smart glasses. We are excited to see the immersive experiences that developers can create when powering AR glasses with our new motorola edge device. 

smart stylus with pinpoint precision With the new motorola edge, we’re offering consumers an additional accessory: our first smart stylus with an adaptable folio. Write naturally, just like using pen and paper. The motorola smart stylus is perfect for navigating, highlighting, editing, or any task that requires pinpoint precision. Choose from a growing number of apps—your favorites appear on screen the moment you pop out the stylus. Always within reach, it’s ready when you are.

The folio with the smart stylus will be sold separately or as an in-box bundle, with availability varying by country.

availability and pricing Our new motorola edge device will be available in Cosmos Blue and Stardust White colors and it will arrive in North America as motorola edge+, available universally unlocked at Best Buy, Amazon.com and Motorola.com. At launch, the unlocked motorola edge+ will have a limited-time offer of $899.99 – $100 off. Verizon, Boost Mobile, and Republic Wireless will also offer the device in the coming months.

The new device arrives as motorola edge 30 pro across select markets in Latin America, India, Middle East, Asia and Europe. For local price information and availability, please contact your local PR team.

legal disclaimers

Certain features, functionality and product specifications may be network dependent and subject to additional terms, conditions, and charges. All are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA, Stylized M Logo, MOTO and the MOTO family of marks are trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. LENOVO and THINKREALITY are trademarks of Lenovo. Snapdragon, Qualcomm Adreno, Snapdragon Elite Gaming, Snapdragon Spaces, and Snapdragon Sound are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Adreno, Snapdragon Elite Gaming, Snapdragon Spaces, and Snapdragon Sound are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries.  Wi-Fi is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance. USB Type-C® and USB-C® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum. BLUETOOTH is a trademark of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Dolby, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2021 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved.

¹Battery must be substantially depleted; charging rate slows as charging progresses. All battery life claims are approximate and based on the median user tested across a mixed use profile (which includes both usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.

³5G service plan and 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas; device not compatible with all 5G networks. Contact your service provider for details. Download speeds are based on 5G sub-6GHz network connectivity, providing 90-130 Mbps download speeds to the average user. Wi-Fi 6 requires a separately purchased Wi-Fi 6 compatible router and plan that may vary by location. 

Based on 5G sub-6GHz network connectivity, providing 90 - 130 Mbps download speeds to the average user. 5G service plan and 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas. See carrier for details. Wi-Fi 6 requires a separately purchased Wi-Fi 6 compatible router and plan that may vary by location.

Available only in certain countries due to regulatory limitations; see service provider for availability; requires separately purchased Wi-Fi 6e compatible router and plan that may vary by location.

Ready For wireless connection is supported with TVs that support Android smartphone screen mirroring (Miracast) only. Ready For wired connection supported with TVs or monitors that have HDMI port or USB-C video-in port; Video-enabled USB-C cable or USB-C-to-HDMI adaptor required.

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