five things to know about the new motorola razr
November 15, 2019

Innovation is part of Motorola's DNA. That’s why we reinvented the razr as a modern smartphone that folds completely. But we also believe that every innovation should serve a practical purpose for consumers. The new razr is packed with new features and functionality that take advantage of the unique form factor. From top to bottom and inside to outside, the new razr is impressively engineered and full of surprises we know you’ll love. Today, we’re offering a peek into the top five things you need to know about the new razr. 

it’s all in the hinge

The new razr simply would not have been possible without our patented hinge design. flip phones of the past used the hinge as a visible element in the middle of the device. A modern smartphone has a full-length touchscreen, so folding it in half requires the hinge to be hidden behind the display. We also wanted both sides of the phone to fold completely flush with no gap, in order to make the device more compact and to protect the display. The razr hinge enables this and plays an important part both functionally and aesthetically. We began the process with four versions of the hinge, looking for the one that was assistive, reliable, durable, and offered the correct amount of retention. In an engineering breakthrough, we’ve developed an IP patented-protected “zero-gap” articulating hinge that checked all of the boxes. The new hinge moves mechanical elements to either edge, allowing the display to curve in a bell shape when the device is closed. This relaxed angle prevents creasing in the Flex View display. As a result, razr’s screen folds perfectly in half, protecting the display and creating an ultra-compact design. 

hang up in a snap The new razr finally brings back that satisfying feeling of hanging up your phone by flipping it closed. Thanks to the smooth tension of the hinge and the sturdiness of the screen, you can feel confident snapping the phone shut when you’re done with a call. We heard so many stories about the emotional connection people felt with the original RAZR, which is why it was important to us to bring this experience back. But we also wanted to make sure the device met modern expectations for smartphones. For that reason, we’ve also included an option to toggle this feature on and off. Razr will also stay connected to a call when flipped closed if you are using a Bluetooth headset or the speakerphone. 

the Flex View display razr has a screen like no other foldable phone on the market — a full-length touchscreen that folds perfectly in half, collapsing the razr down to a perfectly pocketable size. The 6.2” screen maximizes the viewing area when you flip open, but still allows for the device to be portable when closed. Simply unfold razr to immerse yourself in content on the OLED display with a 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio. Our screen feels firm and sturdy when the device is open thanks to moveable metal support plates that pull the display tight. As the razr closes, the support plates move out of the way to allow the display to rest in a more relaxed shape. The clamshell form factor itself also adds extra protection to your flexible display — since the Flex View display folds completely in half, it is protected from damage when razr is closed. The Flex View display also has its own protective coating to withstand scratches and scuffs from everyday wear and tear. 

the Quick View display Sometimes consumers want to disconnect for a while, or take a break from the distractions of their phones. That’s why our engineering team developed a totally new smartphone display for razr that lets your interact with notifications and tackle tasks in completely new ways — all without having to open the phone. razr features a 2.7-inch OLED Quick View display on the outside of the device, an interactive touch screen that puts all the most important information and useful actions at your fingertips. The Quick View display lets you easily see all of your notifications, authorize mobile payments, control media playback, use Google Assistant, and respond to texts, emails and calls without ever having to open your device. 

When razr is closed, you can use the phone’s main camera with the Quick View display to capture high-quality selfies and make video calls. The Quick View display also comes in handy when you’re taking photos while the phone is open. When you set a timer on the internal display, a countdown will appear on the external display to let your subject know it’s time to pose. And after capturing a photo on the internal display, the external display can show a preview for your subject to review. You can also set the Quick View Display to play a fun animation to get your subject’s attention when taking a photo to help with photographing young kids or even pets. 

When you’re looking for more information or just want a bigger view, a simple flip is all it takes. Seamless app continuity ensures that whatever you see on the Quick View display to magically moves to the larger Flex View display the moment you flip open. 

enjoy exclusive Moto Actions
Our philosophy with software is to only make changes where it's additive, never duplicative. That’s why we never put duplicate apps or clunky software skins on our phones. Instead, we’ve focused on the intuitive Moto Experiences that you’ve come to love from Motorola. We brought made sure to bring Moto Actions to the razr, providing quick access to the helpful features that consumers use most. When you want to take a selfie, just twist your wrist twice to open the camera. If you need your flashlight fast, simply make a chopping motion twice to turn it on. To quickly silence a notification, whether you’re at dinner or in a meeting, place the phone face down to turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode. There are plenty of other Moto Actions to discover, all of which streamline your mobile life and make getting things done on razr a little bit easier.

Written by Motorola

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