Motorola employees share what #EmbracingEquity means to them for International Women´s Day
March 8, 2023

Every year, we at Motorola, look forward to celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD), by recognizing and honoring the women who break barriers, make a difference in and out of the office, and are paving the way for other women at Motorola. 

This year’s IWD theme is all about Embracing Equity and recognizing the difference between providing equal versus equitable opportunities. At Motorola, we are committed to supporting a gender-equal work environment as well as an equitable one, where all of our employees are given fair treatment, opportunities for growth, and access to resources. 

To help honor this day, we asked women at Motorola what embracing equity means to them: 

“Embracing equity is the way for us to create a more equal and fair world; a world where diversity is celebrated in all its power. We have the right and the responsibility to make it happen!” - Renata Altenfelder, Executive Director of Brand Management, MBG

“Providing equal opportunities based on gender is not enough. Embracing equity is about realizing people's needs aren't always the same and that it's okay to need different things to succeed. Future generations should celebrate these differences, value diversity, and importantly, support inclusivity.” - Manika Parashar, Digital Copywriter, MBG

“Embracing Equity is a way for us to make every human feel equal in all terms. Providing equal opportunities and favorable resources to all living souls at workplaces would not just lead to the success of organizations but the success of humanity. We must take responsibility to foster the next generation to value and embrace equity in all aspects of life.”  - Anjali Rawat, Global Social Coordinator, MBG

“It’s to be able to understand, not only from the differences but from the similarities who I am in this place, and what benefits I deserve for being a woman, millennial, Latina and leader. For me, as a Human Resources leader, it is a key element to generate an inclusive culture and thus enhance the empowerment and development of teams in the organization. We should continue with this journey of promoting equity because it is fundamental to confront the market and cultural challenges. First of all, we must start by promoting conscious and inclusive leadership.” - Laura Aguilar, Human Resources Business Partner, PCSD

“There is no “i” in the team. We should provide tools and support to narrow the social gaps our history has created. That means we should identify what and how we as Lenovo can promote a more equal workplace. Embracing equity is understanding our social responsibility for a fairer and better world for our children. It is leaving an improved world to future generations.  Different minds foster different solutions, but just being diverse is not enough. We should equally foster professional development if we want to achieve greatness. Equity is also a great teacher of social awareness, empathy, and self-improvement. We should change our mindsets and realize we are active members of a changing planet. We are all responsible for the transformations we can promote and we should at least start in the workplace.” - Andrea Barral, Director of Human Resources for Latin America, MBG

Supporting our communities during Women’s History Month
At Motorola and Lenovo at large, we recognize the role we can play in supporting women in and out of the office, and in creating a gender-inclusive, diverse, and equitable workforce. To learn more about all of Lenovo’s 2023 IWD initiatives, please visit the 
Lenovo Story Hub.

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