Motorola launches new Moto Secure App to give consumers more peace of mind
January 24, 2023

We know data privacy matters to our consumers. That’s why we have ThinkShield, an extra layer of security that enhances protection at every level from the factory to the phone. With comprehensive hardware and software security features that meet the highest standards, you know the data on our smartphones is better protected from malware, phishing, and other threats. To help our consumers take full advantage of all the security features we have to offer, we’re excited to introduce today the new Moto Secure App. 

Powered by Thinkshield, the Moto Secure App is your go-to destination for all the vital device security and privacy features on your phone. Within the app,  you can quickly check and control the protection of your device with easy access to all related Android and Motorola apps and settings. 

In addition to quick access to privacy controls and security features, the Moto Secure App comes with a number of new protections designed to give you peace of mind: 

  • Add an extra layer of protection to sensitive information and apps by hiding select apps and files in Secure Folder, protected by a specific PIN. With Secure Folder, you also have the option to enable Disguised Mode allowing you to select from four icons and name options, rather than visibly displaying apps within a folder, for even more privacy. This is especially helpful for disguising more sensitive information like financial apps, digital wallets, shopping apps, or email accounts behind a discrete icon and label.
  • Whether you’re on the go or working from a public location, minimize risks when connecting to public Wi-Fi and cellular networks with the Network Protection feature. By enabling Network Protection you will automatically be notified when a hotspot or Wi-Fi-related security issue is detected. Within network protection, you can also stop specific apps from using open connections and prevent spoofing by blocking 2G connections.
  • Lock Screen Security allows you to see and control all of your lock screen options to configure the protection you need. This includes the ability to lock network and security functions. For example, previously, a thief could simply turn off your mobile network or Wi-Fi, preventing you from locating your lost device. Now, by enabling this feature, you can stay in control and eliminate the ability for someone to turn off your mobile network or Wi-Fi on your device without unlocking the phone.
  • PIN Pad Scramble shuffles the numerical layout of your entry screen, so you can unlock your device without the risk of prying eyes memorizing the pattern of the numbers you press.  

  • The Privacy Dashboard gives you a clear and comprehensive view of which apps have accessed your calendar, contacts, files, camera, microphone and location during the past 24 hours. If you see anything that you’re not comfortable with, you can manage app permissions, update security settings, and change privacy controls right from the Moto Secure App.

The new Moto Secure App is currently available on the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola, moto g 73 5G and moto g 53 5G. Going forward the app will be available on Motorola devices supporting Android 13 or greater. 

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Written by Motorola

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