motorola razr x Teen Vogue team up to extend Generation Next! program with six Innovators, a class of additional winners
September 20, 2022

At Motorola, we strive to be generators of positive change and empower individuals to challenge norms, embrace self-expression and pursue their dreams. As one of the first devices to become a fashion statement and cultural icon, motorola razr is a brand that symbolizes just that. 

To continue its legacy, motorola razr is encouraging and empowering the next wave of designers and like-minded challengers to showcase their individuality and push boundaries to achieve their dreams through Teen Vogue annual 'Generation Next' fashion incubator program. 

Now in its fourth year, Teen Vogue Generation Next initiative supports up-and-coming designers through an ongoing mentorship program that provides them with access to resources, critical networking opportunities, and counseling on various aspects of the fashion business. For the first time and in partnership with motorola razr, Teen Vogue will be selecting six "Innovators" , a class of additional winners as part of its Generation Next program. 

To further reinforce Motorola´s commitment to empowering the next wave of fashion designers, motorola razr will award grants to the six additional winners selected as part of the 2022 Generation Next  program to further their fashion ambitions. These talented designers will also have the opportunity to capture the magic of the iconic motorola razr in their own eyes with fashion-forward designs that uniquely integrate the device into prompted design concepts. 

As a part of the Generation Next initiative in partnership with Teen Vogue, we´re bringing the six talented designers to New York City on September 28  to showcase their razr-inspired design concepts and celebrate this exciting and pivotal moment in their careers.  

Motorola is also teaming up with motorola razr partners and changemakers, Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson. Known for supporting and elevating up-and-coming talent, the dynamic duo will share advice and inspiration for the next generation of dreamers and artists through #TheCallThatStartedItAll campaign. 

Whether you´re an aspiring fashion designer getting the Teen Vogue Generation Next call or first-gen college-bound, join motorola razr in sharing the calls at the heart of life´s biggest moments. Follow the conversation on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #TheCallThatStartedItAll.

Written by Motorola

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