Motorola’s top tech predictions for 2022
January 28, 2022

As we welcome in another new year, the possibilities of how we will continue incorporating tech into our ever-changing world seem endless. While it’s exhilarating to hear about emerging technologies and trends ahead from industry experts, what about the everyday people using tech for good in their professions, hobbies and beyond?

To help us paint a better picture of what is to come in 2022, innovators at Motorola shared a few notable predictions for the year ahead. From more solutions for hybrid work models to a focus on tech as a force for good, here are Motorola’s 2022 tech predictions.

#1: Work-from-anywhere as the new Work-from-Home2022 will kickstart the evolution from work-from-home to work-from-anywhere. Tech companies all across the globe are allowing employees to work from home longer or even permanently, given the advantages of remote work, and we foresee this trend continuing well into the future.  

That’s why, this year, we predict an increase in products, solutions and services designed to improve the remote employee experience. New office designs and audio/video technology will also pave the way for flexible meeting setups and new ways to build social connections. No longer will consumers have to adjust to adequate technology or products.  Instead, products will cater to emerging consumer needs allowing them to thrive wherever they choose to work.  For example, we predict Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions will create immersive workplaces for employees no matter where they are, with innovations such as Ready For1, which enable motorola devices like the moto g100 to tether to ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses allowing for an extended mobile desktop, video, gaming and entertainment experiences in augmented reality.

#2: Tech for GoodTech access and inclusivity will - and should - be a major focus for the mobile industry in 2022 and beyond. We predict more mobile tech innovations being released that better help represent languages, disabilities, gender and racial groups. For example, we at Motorola launched our Indigenous Languages program earlier this year, where our devices now support two languages deemed “endangered.” This is just the first of many milestones we hope to achieve in our indigenous languages project - we can’t wait to unveil more on this in the near future. 

We think we’ll see more innovations released like this, especially those with languages, disabilities, and gender and racial groups being more represented.

#3: Monitors are having a momentWe predict the monitor will soon have all the features necessary to enhance connectivity and add more value at the office and home in 2022. Monitors will also complement additional devices beyond PCs and extend functionality to smartphones and gaming consoles.

Like Motorola’s Ready For platform, we predict tech companies will concentrate their efforts on developing software experiences for different types of displays and devices to be used seamlessly together. We’ve seen the expansion of monitors become essential for at home or work, and we think this continuity of content from one device to another will continue to bring new value and ease of use to consumers.  

#4: The proliferation of form factorsWhile we predicted 2021 as the year of foldables, the pandemic’s effect on supply chain impacted the timeline, leading us to believe 2022 will be the year of new and improved form factors. With the need to work from anywhere, consumers are considering new types of devices to make this a seamless experience.

We predict smartphones will continue to see new forms and improve with OLED technology, flexible hinges, and more, to help make work-from-anywhere a reality. We believe flexible displays will also come to other device concepts and form factors across smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.  Flexible displays will also bring rise to new applications on digital signage, public transport and smart home appliances in the year ahead. 

To read more about Motorola’s & Lenovo’s tech predictions for 2022 and beyond, please visit the Lenovo StoryHub

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