Transform your smartphone experience: meet the fastest moto g ever with Ready For platform
March 25, 2021

We are proud to introduce today our fastest moto g ever, the moto g100 - the first device included in this family to be packed with a Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 8-Series Mobile Platform. The new smartphone has flagship-level performance and 5G technology that delivers an incredible gaming experience and outstanding camera system. Plus, moto g100 is compatible with our Ready For platform; a new experience that will unleash the power of your phone amplifying everything it is capable of, bringing gaming to the big screen; upgraded video calling experience; multi-tasking to enhance your daily productivity and much more.

We are celebrating 10 generations of this beloved family that was created to disrupt the mobile industry and forever change people’s expectations and relationships with technology. With these smartphones, we’re constantly bringing what matters most to our consumers. And to reinforce our commitment of using technology to empower consumers to succeed we’re also eager to announce that we are adding two endangered languages to our devices and becoming the first mobile phone manufacturer to fully support indigenous language spoken in the Amazon*.

want the most powerful moto g ever? meet moto g100

As one of the first phones in the world to use the latest SnapdragonTM 870 5G Mobile Platform, moto g100 gives you crazy fast 5G1 and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for the most powerful performance and fastest data speeds of any moto g ever**. Streaming and downloading becomes a breeze, and lag is a thing of the past with instant camera responsiveness, ultra-fast app startup, and endless opportunities for effortless multitasking. With 8GB of the latest generation of memory, 128GB of built-in storage2 and 1TB more available when you add a microSD card,3 you have room for all your favorite content and apps and the processing power to keep it all running smoothly day in and day out. And all that performance calls for massive power – that’s why we included a 5000 mAh battery that enables you to make the most of your phone’s impressive features with over 40 hours of usage.4

We’ve paired this stellar performance with an adrenaline-boosting entertainment experience, starting with the gorgeous 6.7” CinemaVision display. Watch movies come to life on an ultra-wide screen with the same 21:9 dimensions used by the film industry, and enjoy a 90Hz refresh rate that keeps visuals smooth and steady so you get all of the action with zero choppiness. With a 25% larger color range5 and HDR10 certification, your favorite content shines in vivid, true-to-life colors with improved brightness and contrast. Games look and perform better than ever since the powerful processor loads graphics twice as fast as any previous moto g.6 Plus, select Qualcomm® Snapdragon Elite GamingTM features give you advanced customizations, ultra-realistic graphics, and lightning speeds, while Motorola’s exclusive Gametime features offer game-enhancing apps and tools while automatically adjusting phone settings so you aren’t interrupted by incoming calls or notifications.

The 64MP camera system on moto g100 gives you all the hardware and software features you need to get amazing results no matter what. A 64MP ultra-high resolution main sensor with Quad Pixel technology for 4x more low light sensitivity and 16MP front camera are great for capturing everyday moments in gorgeous, sharp detail. Dual ultrawide cameras, one in the front and one in the rear, fit 4x more in the frame to let you take sweeping landscapes and your best group selfies ever in a snap. Plus, Macro Vision with a built-in ring light lets you get 5x closer compared to a standard lens to capture minute details you can usually only get with a specialty lens.

But that’s not the only way you can get creative with moto g 100. We know that content creation is on the rise, so we include in our new smartphone two features that will elevate your video experience. Our new Dual Capture mode lets you record using the rear and selfie cameras at the same time, capturing both you and your subject so you can bring out your inner vlogger, so you won’t miss any side of the story. We also know how much audio impacts the overall quality of a video, which is why we’re introducing Audio Zoom technology that uses advanced microphones to capture the audio of your subject while filtering out ambient noise and voices for a cleaner and more professional result.7

moto g100 has power just waiting to be unleashed. That’s why there’s Ready For, a new platform that amplifies everything your phone is capable of. Move your phone’s games to the big screen for a huge boost of adrenaline. Or feel like you’re right in the room during video calls thanks to our industry-first mobile experience that lets users activate advanced subject tracking when calling & recording. And use your apps on a desktop display, giving you more space to work and play. These are just a few of the ways to use Ready For, and the potential for more are on the way.

Our brand new device comes with an amazing and premium design and is available in two distinct colors - iridescent sky and iridescent ocean, that appear to magically shift whenever the device catches light at different angles.

want to explore more? you got it with moto g50, g30 and g10

With such a diverse user base in our moto g family, we’re committed to creating devices that meet everyone’s needs. That’s where moto g50, moto g30 and moto g10 come in. Each of these devices embody our mission to bring exceptional value and premium features to the midtier, offering elevated experiences like 5G speeds,1 industry-leading camera systems, ultra-reliable battery life, and amazing performance right to your fingertips.

The new moto g50 reinforces our commitment to democratize the 5G technology, delivering bandwidth, lower latency, and reduced lag that will noticeably boost your mobile experience. It comes with the SnapdragonTM 480 5G Mobile Platform for lightning-fast speeds. The 20:9 aspect ratio on the 6.5” Max Vision HD+ display is also equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate that allows you to browse, watch, and have a more fluid gaming experience. Plus, you can count with a 48 MP9 triple camera system with Quad Pixel and 5,000mAh battery.

moto g30 has a 64 MP quad camera system that uses the same high-end main lens as moto g100. To complete it, we’ve added a Macro Vision camera, an ultra-wide lens, and a depth sensor for your best results yet. The 6.5" Max Vision HD+ display gives you maximum viewing thanks to an 20:9 aspect ratio, and you’ll experience smoother-looking games and seamless scrolling thanks to a 90 Hz refresh rate. moto g30 is powered by the Snapdragon™ 662 and has a 5,000mAh battery.

moto g10 offers a 48 MP9 quad camera system. Besides the main sensor this smartphone brings a Macro Vision camera, the ultra-wide lens or the depth sensor like on moto g30. moto g10 arrives with 5,000mAh battery, is equipped with the SnapdragonTM 460 and has an ultra-wide 6.5" Max Vision HD+ display. The features packed into moto g10 make it one of the best in its class.

helpful software innovations

We know software experiences not only have the power to enhance day to day experiences, but also make a big difference in the way our users feel included by our technology. We’re incredibly excited to share a new software initiative that truly embraces our “smarter technology for all” mission. Motorola smartphones now support indigenous language spoken in the Amazon, introducing two Latin American endangered languages to our devices through Android. This is an important step toward a more inclusive mobile experience for all our users - and we’ve also chosen to open source these language options, sharing our innovation with other OEMs and paving the way for more indigenous languages to be added to Android in the future.

As with these new language options, our new smartphones arrive with My UX, which lets users customize their phone as they want and also includes gestures like swipe to split10, which allows you to 1’split the screen into two and do more things at once. Watch a video and chat with a friend at the same time, or work on multiple sheets or docs simultaneously. And since My UX doesn’t get in the way of a pure Android experience, users get to enjoy the full power of Android 11 with no clunky software skins or duplicate apps. Explore better conversation management in messaging apps, improved control over connected devices, and a more hands-on approach to data privacy in this exciting update from Google.

Adding to Google’s data privacy and security efforts, even our most demanding B2B users can rest easy knowing their devices are secured by capabilities in the ThinkShield for mobile portfolio, to deliver best-in-class business-grade security, manageability, productivity, and service features for our smartphones. Security has always been a priority at Motorola, and as mobile threats continue to evolve, we are further strengthening our commitment to it.

Availability & Pricing

moto g10 is available in Latin America, Europe, India and Asia, with a starting MSRP of €149.99 EUR. It will roll out in Australia in the coming weeks.

moto g30 is on sale across Latin America, Europe, India, Asia and Middle East with a starting MSRP of €179.99 EUR. It will roll out in Australia in the coming weeks.

moto g50 will be available in selected European markets in the coming weeks, with a starting MSRP of €229.99 EUR.

moto g100 is arriving in selected Latin America and European markets today, with a starting MSRP of €499.99 EUR.

In the U.S., moto g100 will be available starting July 22 exclusively on Motorola.com as a GSM unlocked device; compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. For a limited time, moto g100 will be available for $499.99 - that's $100 off!

Price may vary per country. For full pricing information and specifications, visit our website or reach out to your local PR contact. Images can be found here (you agree to our license terms when downloading images or videos).

Legal Disclaimers

Certain features, functionality and product specifications may be network dependent and subject to additional terms, conditions, and charges. All are subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA, Stylized M Logo, MOTO and the MOTO family of marks are trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. LENOVO and THINKSHIELD are trademarks of Lenovo. Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Wi-Fi is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance. USB Type-C® and USB-C® are registered trademarks of USB Implementers Forum. Google and Android are trademarks of Google LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2021 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved.

*Based on languages added to both Google AOSP + Unicode CLDR.

**Based on internal testing of the combination of Qualcomm modem and connectivity to 5G technology; requires 5G service plan and 5G network coverage; available only in select areas.

15G service plan and 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas; device not compatible with all 5G networks; coverage/compatibility may be expanded to additional areas in the future. Contact your service provider for details.

2Available user storage is less due to preloaded software, operating system and other functions utilizing part of this capacity, and is subject to change without notice due to software updates.

3 Supports up to 1 TB microSD card, microSD cards sold separately. Content with DRM restrictions may not be able to be moved to the card.

4 All battery life claims are approximate and based on the median user tested across a mixed use profile (which includes both usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.

5 Compared to phones with sRBG color space; based on use of DCI-P3 color space with 25% larger color gamut than sRBG.

6 Based on performance comparison between moto g100 and moto g 5G, tested internally using AnTuTu GPU benchmark tests.

7 Audio Zoom activates only when zoomed in at least 2X.

8 Video-enabled USB-C cable or USB-C-to-HDMI adaptor required; TV or monitor must have HDMI port or USB-C video-in port.

9The 48MP sensor combines 4 pixels into 1, for an effective photo resolution of 12MP.

10 May be used with compatible enabled apps only. Check applicable app to determine compatibility.

Written by Motorola

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