Motorola launches “Moto Essentials for Business” to empower Small & Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are vital contributors to the economy, but they face multiple technological challenges impacting their growth and profitability.  These challenges include adapting to evolving technologies with limited IT expertise, safeguarding against emerging threats and cyber-attacks, and effectively managing security risks associated with bring-your-own-device policies.

A Motorola Global Employee Security and Productivity Study¹ found that only one-quarter of employees are offered dedicated work smartphones.  Also, nearly half of SMB employees have felt that using their own smartphone at work compromised their security. 

Motorola understands the SMB needs and has a goal to help IT managers  by addressing their key mobility needs. With that in mind, Motorola today announces a suite of new tools and services  for SMBs called ‘Moto Essentials for Business’.  

Moto Essentials for Business brings hassle-free IT support, seamless device management, enhanced productivity, and added security features, as well as cloud solutions in partnership with industry leaders, like Google Workspace. Now, SMBs will have the flexibility to choose from a variety of offerings tailored to their specific needs. These businesses can: 

  • Receive 24/7 support: Round-the-clock assistance to address mobile device needs eliminating the need for a dedicated IT department.  
  • Seamlessly set-up mobile devices: Get employees up and running quickly with a zero-touch enrollment and 30 days of onboarding support. 
  • Easily manage devices: Count on Motorola’s team of experts to manage device apps and settings remotely, providing flexibility and control on the go. 
  • Improve employee productivity: Boost team efficiency with cloud-based productivity tools, including collaborative document editing, appointment scheduling, task management, integrated e-signatures, and AI-driven features like smart replies and auto-generated summaries. 
  • Protect devices with AI-powered device protection: Enhance device security with AI-powered threat detection that identifies and helps neutralize risks in real-time. 
  • Boost business resilience with cloud back-up: Safeguard critical data, minimizing downtime, ensuring end-to-end encryption, and promoting flexible document sharing and data access. 

Moto Business Essentials ensures SMBs can optimize their budgets by subscribing to fixed monthly payments.

Motorola provides organizations with the latest advancements in digital technology, data security, productivity tools, and mobile device management with enterprise-ready mobile smartphones, from moto g, motorola edge and razr families, as well as the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola. To learn more, please visit  

SMBs interested to know more about Moto Essentials for Business can contact our experts in this page

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  1. Motorola’s Global Employee Security and Productivity Study surveyed 4,000 employees across the globe to gauge the opinions on dedicated work smartphones from October – November 2023 by Censuswide.
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