The Power of RCS for Cross-Platform, Inclusive Communication

Pixelated videos, broken group chats, missing read receipts we´ve all been there. Texting between Apple and Android users can be a pain, but it doesn´t have to be.

With a technology called Rich Communication Services (RCS) the modern industry standard for messaging conversations between iOS and Android platforms would improve for everyone.

In an effort to bring awareness to RCS and encourage a universal adoption of these inclusive communication standards, Motorola is supporting Android #GetTheMessage campaign. Social posts across Motorola´s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will help educate users on the benefits of RCS, and encourage consumers to join the movement by sharing their own experience with cross-platform messaging.

Smartphones should empower us to seamlessly connect with the people around us, not build up barriers, said Rudi Kalil, President, North America at Motorola. As a leader in the Android space, we stand with industry partners to advocate for inclusive messaging standards. RCS enables seamless communication for all, and it´s time for a universal adoption within the smartphone industry.

So, what is RCS?

RCS rich communication services is the modern industry standard for messaging. It enables the latest texting features like high quality media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators, and it´s more secure.

The problem is that texts between iPhones and Android phones default to SMS and MMS, outdated systems from the 90´s and early. This downgrades the texting experience in several ways:

  • Pixelated videos and photos: SMS and MMS cannot support large media files. That means photos and videos are often compressed and come through blurry.

  • The chat that never ends: When group chatting via SMS and MMS, you don´t have the ability to leave the chat even when you want to.

  • No service, no message: Texting over Wi-Fi is not available between Android phones and iPhones, leaving messages unsent and convos hanging if you don´t have cell service.

  • Safely hit send? SMS and MMS don´t support end-to-end encryption, which means your messages are not as secure.

  • Will they or won´t they? Without read receipts and typing indicators, you can´t know if your friends got your text or if they´re responding.

  • What does that say? iPhones make texts with Android phones difficult to read, by using white text on a bright green background.

If there was a universal adoption of RCS within the smartphone industry, these texting issues between phones would be fixed. It´s as simple as that.

How you can help Apple #GetTheMessage 

We might not be able to change the color of green text messages, but we can encourage Apple to adopt RCS and make conversations between Apple and Android users better and safer for everyone.

Help Apple #GetTheMessage by joining the movement on social. Follow the action on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and share your experience using the #GetTheMessage hashtag – we know you´ve been there!

For more information on the benefits of RCS and the #GetTheMessage campaign, visit

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