Motorola announces a new generation of edge family with an outstanding design and its most impressive camera, powered by moto AI

Marking a new era for its premium devices, Motorola announces the most beautiful and balanced edge family line-up: motorola edge 50 ultra, motorola edge 50 pro, and motorola edge 50 fusion. Shifting the conversation to what truly matters in a world-class smartphone,  these devices are bringing a smarter combination of ideal components, delivering an elevated design, along with an advanced camera system that is packed with AI-powered enhancements and the world’s first PantoneTM validated1 smartphone camera and display. Every aspect was carefully considered to create the new generation of the edge family. All while continuing to drive immersive audio-visual experiences, battery life, charging speeds, and the proven performance that edge devices are known for.

The motorola edge 50 series is designed with an overall sense of harmony. The result is a family that provides inviting textures and curvatures that are as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye. Wrapped in materials like real wood², a special edition pearl polymer finish handcrafted in Italy, and vegan suede, they use the latest on-trend colors and include IP68 underwater protection3 — the result is stunning and lightweight devices that appeal to both tactile and visual senses, making it a compelling choice for consumers seeking a smarter, perfectly balanced mobile experience.

The rear inlay of the smartphones transition fluidly into the camera system, where users will be able to capture candid moments effortlessly. With an increased focus on image and video, the new motorola edge devices are packed with a complete camera experience: from activating the camera with moto gestures, to cutting edge hardware, AI-empowered software, and color validation image edition capabilities, delivering stunning results every time. 

moto ai works its magic behind the scenes to elevate every interaction by empowering users to intuitively create content, personalize their device, obtain the information they seek, and accomplish more in less time. moto ai is infused throughout, from the camera to a generative theming application, to navigation and search. Within the new edge family, our users will experience advancements in image quality and Motorola’s most advanced solutions for capturing motion. With impressive autofocusing technology, camera sensors, and larger pixels all lead to improved low-light/night performance as well. All these great features, combined with a full arsenal of different lenses, will ensure users can capture their best portraits, landscapes, artistic close-ups, selfies, and more.

Google Photos is Motorola’s native gallery application for photos and videos. In the coming weeks, users will be able to access even more enhanced AI editing tools4, directly on their smartphones through Google Photos, including: Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and more. 

The motorola edge 50 family is the world’s first smartphone with a PantoneTM Validated¹ camera and display developed in conjunction with Pantone color scientists. Users can confidently capture and view the world exactly as they see it with Pantone Validated colors and skin tones, making it ideal for content creation. Every Pantone Validated device has met Pantone’s evaluation and grading criteria by authentically simulating the full range of real-world Pantone Colors1. Pantone SkinTone™ Validated1 assures that what users capture with the camera, or see on the display, truly represents the vast authentic spectrum of human skin tones.

Motorola is also expanding its device ecosystem with the announcement of the new moto buds family, that includes the moto buds+ with Sound by Bose, for an earbud that combines the best of Motorola and Bose’s expertise to deliver a high quality audio experience to consumers.

motorola edge 50 ultra: the ultimate blend of style & intelligence

The motorola edge 50 ultra exemplifies Motorola’s focus on design and was developed to impress even the most discerning smartphone user. With its comfortable curves, premium materials like real wood and vegan leather, plus the Pantone Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, this device is more than just a smartphone—it’s a work of art.  A thin sandblasted aluminum frame, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®, and IP68 underwater protection3 all assure that the premium design delivers on both form and function, so consumers can take it anywhere without worrying about durability.

With motorola edge 50 ultra users will experience Motorola’s most impressive camera system yet. An incredible array of high-resolution cameras deliver the flexibility to capture any type of composition and achieve detail-rich results in any lighting condition. This device features a 50MP main lens, 64MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and 100x Super Zoom to get even closer to a subject, 50MP ultrawide lens with macro vision, and a 50MP selfie camera with autofocus. The main lens also combines pixels into a larger 2.4µm ultra pixel size to absorb 20% more light for great performance at night. 

The advanced camera system of the edge 50 ultra utilizes the power of moto ai to deliver phenomenal performance enhancements in both photos and video. The new Photo Enhancement Engine makes it effortless to capture perfect photos with every shot. No personal expertise required, it uses AI to simultaneously apply settings from multiple shooting modes into one to deliver peak quality. The engine uses AI to finetune the image for optimal detail, clarity, highlights, shadows, color, and bokeh.

When users want to capture all aspects of life in motion, a suite of new features makes it easier than ever. These features include:

  • Adaptive Stabilization: Uses AI to determine the speed of movement while filming, and dynamically adjusts the stabilization level for the best results.
  • Auto Focus Tracking: Provides sharp, clear videos by using AI to keep the subject in focus even as it moves through the frame.
  • Action Shot: Automatically increases and adjusts your shutter speed based on different lighting conditions, so users can better freeze the action. Using AI, the camera improves the details when light levels are poor and noise is high.
  • Long Exposure: Get artistic light trails or smooth waterfalls. Long exposure allows users to capture creative motion with a single tap with no professional equipment needed.

Plus, with the motorola edge 50 ultra, users have additional options for creating personalized device wallpaper images with moto ai. With Style Sync, they can extend their personal style to their device by capturing and uploading a picture of the pattern of their outfit to generate multiple unique images. We are also introducing a new feature that allows users to unleash their imagination by describing their desired image through a text prompt to generate stunning images.

This new flagship device also features a large, vivid 6.67” Super HD (1220p) pOLED display that provides 13% more resolution than the previous generation, so users will enjoy a sharper picture with less pixelation. To round out the entertainment experience, the edge 50 ultra boasts support for Dolby Atmos®. With Dolby Atmos, users will experience greater depth, clarity, and details across their favorite entertainment whether enjoyed through the device’s large stereo speakers or headphones. The edge 50 ultra also features support for Dolby® Head Tracking5, which is enabled when paired with moto buds+. By recalibrating the sound as you move your head, Dolby Head Tracking gives listeners a more natural and lifelike experience. When paired with their favorite entertainment in Dolby Atmos, users will also enjoy an even more elevated sound experience.

The motorola edge 50 ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon® 8s Gen 3 Mobile Platform, fueling all key features throughout the phone. Experience the speed and premium performance in everything from image processing, gaming, web browsing, audio, and more. With up to 16GB of RAM with RAM Boost6 and up to 1TB of storage7, customers enjoy effortless multitasking and ample space for all photos, movies, apps, and games. 

The new motorola edge 50 ultra uses Ultra Wideband  (UWB), transforming the way users interact with devices near them. UWB is a fast, low-power radio protocol with enhanced security used to determine location with a pinpoint accuracy as close as 10-30cm. For example,  users can walk into different rooms of their home without needing to reconnect their devices or personalized settings all over again. With UWB, consumers will be able to find their family and friends in crowded areas with centimeter precision or even walking up to their vehicle and having it unlocked automatically. The motorola edge 50 ultra is future-proofed to take advantage of the world of UWB as it continues to evolve. 

To power all these experiences, the edge 50 ultra includes an ample 4500mAh battery with 125W TurboPowerTM charging — to deliver power for the day in just 4 minutes of charging.8,9 Plus, it’s equipped with 50W wireless charging capabilities10, so users can recharge quickly without the hassle of wires getting in the way. Users can even share their power with other devices with wireless power sharing.

motorola edge 50 pro: the perfect mix of style & intelligence

Following the design aesthetic of Motorola’s flagship device, the motorola edge 50 pro is complete with beautifully contoured edges, a sandblasted aluminum frame, and either vegan leather or a special edition pearl finish handcrafted in Italy, making this device soft and smooth to the touch.  Along with being lightweight, it has IP68 underwater protection.3

With a 50MP high-resolution camera system, the edge 50 pro captures stunning photos and videos. The main camera features the widest aperture available in a smartphone (f/1.4), letting in 64% more light11 for better low-light performance and soft naturally-blurred. The 10MP 3x telephoto camera with optical image stabilization is a nice addition which is rarely included in its class of products. With this lens, users will see the scene clearly from 3x the distance with optical zoom, or use Super Zoom for 30x the distance. To fit more of the scene in view, users can take advantage of the 13MP ultrawide camera – or even get as close as 3cm away from an object with Macro Vision.​ The edge 50 pro also includes the 50MP front-facing camera with autofocus to assure even selfies appear in beautiful detail and color. 

The edge 50 pro camera system includes some of the key moto ai-powered features available in our flagship device, including the new Photo Enhancement Engine, Adaptive Stabilization, Auto Focus Tracking,  and Style Sync. Users will also be able to get creative with light art using the new Long Exposure mode as well.

motorola edge 50 pro also provides consumers with a cinematic experience on a nearly borderless 6.7″ 144Hz pOLED display with Super HD resolution and HDR10+ certification . But it’s not just about visuals—the motorola edge 50 pro offers an unparalleled audio experience with support for Dolby Atmos immersive sound. Dolby Head Tracking5 support is also included when paired with moto buds+. The device additionally features two large stereo speakers, plus, Snapdragon Sound™ technology ensures a seamless Bluetooth® connection without lag or glitches.

The motorola edge 50 pro is powered by the Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, delivering smooth gameplay, fast frame rates, high-resolution videos, lightning-fast file transfers, and more.  It also comes with up to 12GB of RAM6 and up to 512GB of storage for effortless multitasking and ample space. The motorola edge 50 pro is also packed with 125W TurboPower™ charging for quick refueling and  50W TurboPower™ wireless charging10 for hassle-free convenience

motorola edge 50 fusion: a perfectly balanced mobile experience

The motorola edge 50 fusion brings premium features to a broader range of consumers. Whether it’s a student heading to class or a busy professional on the go, the vibrant colors and slim profile make the edge 50 fusion the perfect companion. Users can choose from Hot Pink or Marshmallow Blue vegan options for a touch of uniqueness or opt for the sleek Forest Blue material. With IP68 underwater protection3 and Corning Gorilla Glass5, this smartphone is resilient against dust, water, and accidental drops.

From photography enthusiasts or someone who loves capturing memories, the motorola edge 50 fusion’s camera system ensures every shot is a masterpiece. Featuring a 50MP main camera with LYTIA’s LYT-700C sensor, this device ensures high-speed capturing with minimal noise in low-light environments. Optical image stabilization (OIS) prevents blurred images and videos, even in challenging lighting conditions. Expand perspectives with the 13MP ultrawide camera and get up close with integrated Macro Vision for extreme close-ups. For selfies that stand out, take advantage of the 32MP front camera with Quad Pixel technology for improved low-light sensitivity.

The edge 50 fusion’s stunning 6.7″ Full HD+ endless edge pOLED display brings cinematic entertainment to life. Featuring 10-bit color depth and support for over a billion shades, its display boasts vibrant colors and infinite contrast, while the 120Hz refresh rate14 ensures seamless movement and smooth transitions. Pairing perfectly with its display quality, the device’s audio system boasts support for Dolby Atmos® for an immersive sound experience whether enjoyed over headphones or the device’s stereo speakers. With Hi-Res12 certified sound, experience music with wider dynamic range and exceptional detail, whether using wired or wireless headphones (sold separately).

Expanding the Device Ecosystem: new moto buds family

In addition to the Edge 50 series, Motorola is proud to introduce the new moto buds family: with moto buds+ with Sound by Bose and moto buds. The new earbuds will bring a more seamless, immersive experience to our Motorola ecosystem, featuring Hi-Res Audio12, and Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation13, all wrapped up in a modern, water-repellent design.15 

Motorola and Bose, two iconic brands with a shared commitment to innovation, worked together on the new Sound by Bose, moto buds+. They leverage Bose expertise to deliver an unmatched experience for the franchise, including impressive Active Noise Cancellation13 and EQ tuning, for amazing high-quality audio on-the-go. 

The moto buds+ are also compatible with Dolby Head Tracking5 when paired with the latest family of motorola edge Dolby Atmos powered smartphones that feature this latest innovation, such as the motorola edge 50 ultra and edge 50 pro. Dolby Head Tracking gives users a more natural and lifelike sound experience by recalibrating the sound as they move their head. When paired with their favorite entertainment in Dolby Atmos, users will also enjoy an even more elevated sound experience with greater clarity, detail, and depth.

In addition, Motorola is also announcing the moto buds, an earbud providing a studio quality Hi-Res Audio11 certified sound system to bring users a balanced yet quality audio experience. Both earbuds also feature Dynamic Adaptive Noise Cancellation12 to tune out distractions and so users can enjoy their favorite music or podcast in peace.

New Motorola UX and Software Features

A newly designed interface, Hello UX, provides an intuitive and personalized user experience with customizable options, intuitive gestures, a safe environment for kids with Family Space, versatile connectivity, and comprehensive security settings via Moto Secure. These features collectively make the device an appealing choice for users seeking a smartphone that prioritizes ease of use, personalization, and security.

With motorola edge 50 ultra Hello UX continues to evolve, becoming more assistive with moto ai. Whether one is tech-savvy or a first-time smartphone owner, Hello UX makes it easy for users to navigate their device, find what they’re looking for, and do more in less time. They will be able to swipe up in the app tray to search for on-device apps, contacts, and settings—and, coming soon, users will be able to use the same search function to access even more information off their device with the help of web search and generative AI. 

Motorola is also committed to inclusion and smarter technology for all and continues to support endangered languages in the interface of its smartphones. In addition to Nheengatu (Amazon region) and Kaingang (south/southeast of Brazil), Cherokee (North America), Kuvi and Kangri (India) and Maori (New Zealand), Motorola and Lenovo Foundation are now introducing Ladin, an endangered language spoken in Italy,  Dolomites region (South of Tyrol) as part of the 90+ languages to use in Motorola smartphones. 

The motorola edge 50 family also arrives with Smart Connect, a new software application that integrates the Lenovo and Motorola ecosystems, creating a unified and seamless multi-device experience. Make calls, send texts, and share files effortlessly between Lenovo and Motorola devices, including laptop, tablets16 and smartphones. Users can also easily amplify everything displayed on their phones onto a bigger screen.17 For example, they can easily move games, movies, TV shows, and apps from their phone to a TV17 or tablet for more space to work and play.

The motorola edge 50 family represents a mark of smartphone excellence, offering something for everyone, from luxury seekers to a broader range of consumers. Whether it’s capturing memories with friends, staying connected on the go, or simply expressing personal style, there’s a device in this lineup to suit various needs. 


From this week on, the motorola edge 50 pro will be on sale across selected European markets, with a starting  MSRP of 699 euros, and selected Latin America markets, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.  The device will also roll out to Asia and Oceania.

The motorola edge 50 ultra will be on sale in the coming weeks with a starting MSRP of 999 euros. motorola edge 50 fusion will also be on sale in the coming weeks with a starting MSRP of 399 euros. The devices will be available across selected markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

moto buds+ will be on sale starting from today with a MSRP of 149 euros in selected markets across Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania. While moto buds will be available in the coming weeks with a starting MSRP 59 euros across selected markets.

With the exciting announcement of motorola edge 50 ultra, motorola edge 50 pro and motorola edge 50 fusion in select markets, Motorola is reinforcing its commitment to bringing premium smartphone experiences to the hands of more consumers. Today, Motorola is excited to share its commitment to expanding the edge family in North America this year. Additionally, the new moto buds+ in Forest Grey will be available in North America starting April 16 at (MSRP: $129.99) and (MSRP: $179.99).

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